12-50x56 PM II/P

The 12-50x56 PM II/P is the ideal scope for making shots at larger distances. The tried and true parallax compensation already used successfully in many other Schmidt & Bender scopes permits the user to focus on targets at a distance between 10 m and infinity. Thanks to the large reticle adjustment range, either as double turn or in the new multi-turn version, the user may perform a trajectory compensation for larger distances without any problems. Optionally the scope is available with reticles in the first or second focal plane.


tz 12-50x56 PM II/P

Unit A B C D E F G K L


Technical Data

Field of  view m/100 m 3,50 - 0,90
Exit pupil mm 4,55 - 1,18
Eye  relief  distance mm 70
Twilight factor 26,5 - 53,0
Transmission >=90% bei 450-600 nm min.
Optical data dptr. -3/+2
Parallax adjustment 10 m - ∞
Weight g 1.110
Reticles 1st focal plane P3 / P4 fine
Reticles 2nd focal plane P3L / P4L fine / Sport / Sport fine

Click value

Click value Elevation Windage Direction Elevation Windage
¼ cm 0-175 cm ± 16 cm cw MT ST
⅛ MOA 0-75 MOA ± 14 MOA cw MT DT
⅛ MOA 0-75 MOA ± 14 MOA ccw MT DT
¼ MOA 0-65 MOA ± 16 MOA cw DT ST
¼ MOA 0-65 MOA ± 16 MOA ccw DT ST

cw = clock wise
ccw = counter clock wise
ST - Single Turn; DT - Double Turn; MT - Multi Turn

Reticles 1st focal plane

Reticles P3 Reticles P4L fein
P3 P4 fine  


Reticles 2nd focal plane

Reticles P3L Reticles P4L fein Reticles Sport
P3 P4 fine Sport
Reticles Sport fein
Sport fine    


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