The new turret generation II is the further development of our previous standard turrets. They all have a lever with which you can choose between different functional modes. For the elevation turrets there are three modes to choose from. In the starting position of the lever, the turret is locked against unintentional adjustment. This is represented by the color red in a window next to the index marking. In the second mode, MTC is ready for use and the turret can be adjusted as usual. Here green is displayed in the viewing window. The third mode enables the deactivation of the MTC, which is indicated by black in the viewing window. The windage turret can be switched between lock mode and the Zero Click adjustment mode. It also has a viewing window – the current state being signified by the colors red and green.

For elevation correction we have the Single Turn II, the Double Turn II with a visual indicator, the Double Turn II+ with a tactile revolution indicator and the Multi Turn II – which possesses both of these. For windage correction we have in our selection the Single Turn II, Double Turn II and Double Turn II+ to choose from. Depending on the tower, adjustment ranges of 0.1 or 0.05 mrad or ¼ or ⅛ MOA can be selected.


Double Turn II

Double Turn II (DT II) with visual revolution indicator, More Tactile Clicks (MTC) or Zero Click (ZC) and lock

This turret has two turns and thus provides sufficient adjustment for shots at long distances. The transition to the second revolution is indicated in the window of the revolution indicator through a change from black to yellow. This turret also offers the advantages of the new square shape and is equipped with the Mode Lever.


Multi Turn II

Multi Turn II (MT II) with tactile and visible revolution indicator, More Tactile Clicks (MTC) and locking

This version has five turns. This provides a fine and precise adjustment of 0.05 mrad or ⅛ MOA per click, providing a wide adjustment range. In order to be able to recognize the exact rotational position, the turret is equipped with visual and tactile indicators. This turret also has the advantages of the new square shape and is equipped with the Mode Lever.



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