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In the current corona situation, we have taken all necessary safety and precautionary measures to protect all employees and people we deal with.

That is why we are available to you without restriction, can advise you and carry out your orders:


DE EN Thomas Pehlke t.pehlke@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-45
DE EN ES Christian Krug c.krug@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-41
DE EN Dominik Rangk d.rangk@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-32
DE Ralf Beermann r.beermann@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 151/286 001 32
US Lisa Welch l.welch@schmidt-bender-us.com +1 540 450 8132
DE EN IT PT ES Lisa Carvalho l.carvalho@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-72 or
+39 (0) 30 55 32 333
DE FR Arnaud Courtellemont a.courtellemont@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-16
PL Katarzyna Kozbial-Rogowski k.kozbial-rogowski@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-634
HU Robert Horvath horvath.robert@schmidt-bender.hu +36 (0) 20 249 7210



DE EN Dr. Jörg Hennemann j.hennemann@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-630



DE EN Nadja Schindler n.schindler@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-632
DE EN Klaus Görzel k.goerzel@schmidt-bender.de +49 (0) 6409/8115-20
US Jerry Ricker j.ricker@schmidt-bender-us.com +1 540 450 8132


All the best to you and your loved ones and see you soon.

  • 3-12x54 Polar T96

    3-12x54 Polar T96

  • 4-16x56 Polar T96

    4-16x56 Polar T96

  • 5-45x56 PM II High Power

    5-45x56 PM II High Power

  • 3-12x54 PM II Ultra Bright

    3-12x54 PM II Ultra Bright

  • 4-16x56 PM II Ultra Bright

    4-16x56 PM II Ultra Bright


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