The company Schmidt & Bender was founded in 1957 by Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Bender in Biebertal-Fellingshausen. What once began in a laundry room with the most modest of means, developed within a few years into one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision riflescopes for hunting, competition shooting, police and military.

Discover the history of Schmidt & Bender and take a look at the development of the product series as well as the changes of the logo and much more. You will recognize the philosophy that has been in place since the very beginning: Highest quality and precision to meet the ever increasing demands.


New brand promise

We have a new brand promise. Since over 60 years: more precision, more handcrafted quality and more service.

New brand promise


The riflescope for all hunting

With LPI (Leucht-Parallaxe-Integriert = Illumination Parallax Integrated) and Bullet Drop Compensation II-Ballistic (BDC II-B)

New 3-18x42 hunting scope

6-36x56 PM II High Performance

The best solution for mid up to extreme Long-Range Shooting. New Features: “LPI” (Leucht-Parallaxe Integriert = Illumination Parallax Integrated) and P5FL reticle

New 6-36x56 PM II High Performance with LPI and P5FL

5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short

Now with “LPI” (Leucht-Parallaxe Integriert = Illumination Parallax Integrated), new magnification ring and TREMOR5 reticle

New 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short with LPI

5-25x56 PM II

Now with ultra flat Double Turn (DT27), new ocular design and P5FL reticle.

5-25x56 PM II with Double Turn

3-27x56 PM II High Power

Now with ultra flat Double Turn (DT27 and DT35)

3-27x56 PM II High Power with new Double Turn Turrets

New turret generation is launched

The new Turret Generation II is launched with the Single Turn II (ST II), Single Turn II-Ballistic (ST II-B), Double Turn II (DT II) and Double Turn II+ (DT II+) and now forms a series with the Multi Turn II (MT II).

Overview graphic of which turrets can be converted with which of the new generation of turrets

FPSA Program France

The 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC wins another tender. The French Army includes it in their FPSA program.

PM II ShortDot Dual CC

3-21x50 Exos

The hunting riflescope 3-21x50 Exos is released and now complements the Exos Series.

3-21x50 Exos with landscape chamois

GR²ID reticle

The GR²ID reticle is launched especially for PRS competition.

GR²ID reticle with shooting range

1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC and winning a German Armed Forces tender

The 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC is launched and subsequently wins the German Armed Forces tender “G28 patrol configuration, optical part”.

Winner of the German Armed Forces tender 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC with its advantages

New and modern factory plant in Hungary

Another factory plant of the subsidiary in Hungary is being built.

Picture of new plant Schmidt & Bender Hungary

LRR-MIL reticle, Throw Lever and MT II turret

The LRR-MIL reticle, the Throw Lever and the Multi Turn II (MT II) elevation turret are launched.

New products 2017 with LRR-MIL reticle, Multi Turn II turret and Throw Lever

60th anniversary

The 60th anniversary of Schmidt & Bender is celebrated.

Celebrating 60 Years Schmidt & Bender Logo

Polar T96, PM II Ultra Bright and 5-45x56 PM II High Power

The Polar T96 and PM II Ultra Bright riflescope series with an outstanding light transmission of at least 96 % are launched.

In addition, the 5-45x56 PM II High Power now supplements the PM II High Power series.

New products 2016 with Polar T96, PM II Ultra Bright and 5-45x56 PM II High Power

New PM II models come onto the market

The riflescopes 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot CC, 1.1-8x24 PM II High Power, 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot and the 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short are launched.

New products 2015 with 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot CC, 1.1-8x24 PM II High Power, 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot and 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short

Field Target II

The 12.5-50x56 Field Target was further developed. Now the Field Target II is available.

Field Target II image with application details

Color Your Scope

Schmidt & Bender designs the campaign “Color Your Scope” and offers the possibility for customers to choose any colour for a riflescope.

Color Your Scope riflescopes in different colours

5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short and Stratos Series

The 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short and the Stratos Series with the Choose-Your-Light function are launched.

New products 2014 with Stratos, Choose Your Light, PM II Ultra Short and PM II High Power

PM II Digital

Schmidt & Bender receives research funds for a military project and thus develops the PM II Digital Series. These riflescopes can project external data into the field of view for the first time.

PM II Digital with reticle and performance details

Development of the 9x zoom

A new riflescope for shooting at ultra-long distances is being developed as part of a call for tenders by the US military. The PM II High Power riflescope series was launched and was the world's first 9x zoom for military application. The USSOCOM tender was won by the 3-27x56 PM II High Power.

3-27x56 PM II High Power with military application image

PSR tender

The riflescope 5-25x56 PM II PSR is the winner of the largest and most important US military tender. It is subsequently delivered to the special units of the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines.

5-25x56 PM II PSR with logos of the special units of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines from the USA

New slogan for the logo

The slogan “The specialist with two names” is replaced by “Precision makes the difference!”.

Logo with new slogan: “Precision makes the difference!”

3-20x50 PM II and 1-8x24 Zenith (later: Exos)

The riflescopes 3-20x50 PM II and the 1-8x24 Zenith are introduced. Later the decision is made to transfer the 1-8x24 into a new product series called “Exos” because of its high 8x zoom.

New products 2011 with the 1-8x24 Zenith (later: Exos) and 3-20x50 PM II

1-8x24 PM II ShortDot

The prototype 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot is shown for the first time at the SHOT Show.

Military and Law Enforcement riflescope 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot

2.5-10x40 Summit, 3-12x42 KK50, 12-50x56 PM II and 1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot LE

The riflescopes 2.5-10x40 Summit, 3-12x42 KK50, 12-50x56 PM II as well as the 1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot LE (Law Enforcement) are launched.

Riflescopes Summit, PM II and PM II ShortDot

12.5-50x56 Field Target

The 12.5-50x56 Field Target is launched.

Ad winner type: Medal Federation of German Shooters and 12.5-50x56 Field Target

50 years Schmidt & Bender and new management

Sabine Bender-Gerlach, the daughter of the founder Helmut Bender, takes over the management together with Karlheinz Gerlach.

The 50th anniversary of the company is celebrated.

50 years of company existence. Logo 1957–2007

Tender U.S. Marine Corps

The 3-12x50 PM II won a U.S. Marine Corps military tender, beating 25 other riflescopes from international manufacturers.

Ad Protector for the 3-12x50 PM II with logo of the U.S. Marine Corps

5-25x56 PM II in First and Second Focal Plane

The 5-25x56 PM II is now offered in both First and Second Focal Plane.

Ad from 2006: The Perfectionist: 5-25x56 PM II

5-25x56 PM II and 1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot

The 5-25x56 PM II as well as the 1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot are launched.

1.1-4x20 PM II ShortDot

1.1-4x24 Zenith and logo extension

The 1.1-4x24 Zenith now completes the Zenith Series.

The logo of Schmidt & Bender now has an additional slogan: “The specialist with the two names.”.

Logo with Slogan “The Specialist with the two names.”


The 2.5-10x50 Zenith riflescope wins the iF DESIGN AWARD.

1.5-10x56 Zenith wins the iF Design Award

1.5-6x42 Zenith und LMC-rail

The 1.5-6x42 Zenith is launched and is also available with the light metal Convex rail (LMC).

1.5-6x42 Zenith with FlashDot illumination

3-12x50 Zenith

The Zenith Series is supplemented by the 3-12x50 Zenith. From now on the Zenith riflescopes are always equipped with FlashDot illumination.

Zenith shortest design riflescopes

2.5-10x56 Zenith and logo redesign

The first riflescope of the Zenith Series, a 2.5-10x56 is launched.

The logo is slightly redesigned and modernized.

New Logo with circle point instead of & character

PM II Series with Parallax adjustment/side focus

The PM II product series is launched, initially with the 3-12x50 PM II. They are now also offered with a parallax adjustment/side focus and illuminated reticle.

New product series PM II with the 3-12x50 PM II and parallax adjustment

FlashDot illumination in the 1¼-4x20

The first FlashDot illumination is installed in the 1¼-4x20.

FlashDot illumination for the 1¼-4x20

Modernization of the logo

A new logo is developed and launched:

New Schmidt & Bender Logo

P/M Sniper riflescopes

To meet the special requirements of snipers, a series of riflescopes were launched. The development based on consultation of leading weapon manufacturers and field experiences of special police units. The new models are offered in fixed and variable magnification and with three different reticles (Bryant, Sniper and Mil-dot reticle). Available are: 6x42 P/M, 10x42 P/M, 1.5-6x42 P/M, 3-12x42 P/M, 3-12x50 P/M and 3-12x50 MIL. The riflescopes are made of aluminium with hard anodized surfaces and are designed for distances up to 500 m/546 yd. The 3-12x50 MIL, on the other hand, has a steel tube and is designed for distances up to 900 m/984 yd.

Various Police/Marksman riflescopes

ISO 9001 Certification and official launch of illuminated reticles

The certification according to ISO 9001 (quality management system) is successfully accomplished.

Illuminated riflescopes can now be delivered and retrofitted after their legalization.

Various riflescopes with illuminated reticles

Illuminated reticles

Illuminated reticles can technically be installed from now on. However, at this point in time these are still prohibited items and the government is discussing about legalizing illuminated riflescopes. That is why the riflescopes at that time are still delivered without illumination. However, they are manufactured in such a way that there is a possibility of retrofitting the illumination.

Wildboar with illuminated reticle

Schmidt & Bender Inc.

Schmidt & Bender Incorporated is founded in the US.

Foundation of the subsidiary in Hungary

Schmidt & Bender Hungaria Optikai Kft. is founded as a subsidiary based on the round/circular optics department which was bought from the Hungarian company “Mom”. The factory starts its work with 80 employees.

Location Schmidt & Bender Hungaria

3-12x50 and change of management

The 3-12x50 is launched. Furthermore, Udo Harald Bender, son of the company founder Helmut Bender, complements the management.

Handover of the management

Helmut Schmidt hands over the management to his son-in-law Hans-Albert Bender.

Expansion of the location

The location “Am Großacker 42, 35444 Biebertal-Fellingshausen” is being expanded. By now, 40 employees are working for Schmidt & Bender.

Expansion of the location in Biebertal-Fellingshausen


The riflescope 1.25-4x20 with a field of view of 32 m/105 ft is launched.

New 1.25-4x20 riflescope for safari and driven hunt

First SHOT Show participation

For the first time Schmidt & Bender exhibits at the SHOT Show in New Orleans, USA and shares a booth with Heckler & Koch.

First IWA Outdoor Classics Exhibition participation

For the first time Schmidt & Bender exhibits at the most important shooting show in Europe: IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany.


The M-Series is launched. M stands for “centered reticle”.

Centered reticle and M-Series riflescope in 4x25

First government contract

Schmidt & Bender receives its first government order from the Finnish Army for the 4x36 riflescope. 500 units are delivered in total.

Riflescope with variable magnification

Schmidt & Bender produces its first riflescope with variable magnification: 1¾-6x36.

Production under own brand name

A new logo is developed and represents a new era: OEM products are no longer manufactured and the production focuses only on the own brand name.

First own logo with indicated reticle

Relocation of the company

By now, Schmidt & Bender has 12 employees and relocates the company to “Am Großacker 42, 35444 Biebertal-Fellingshausen” which is still the existing location today.

The first employee

The first employee is hired in 1958. Production is still located in a laundry room.

Place of origin production: laundry room

Production of OEM Products

The production of riflescopes initially started with OEM Products. Here are just a few examples. It is already being produced under the brand name “S&B Fellh. Wetzlar” (lower row in the middle of the picture).

Some examples of the OEM products like Geco, Sako, Frankonia, Rottweil, Kettner, RWS, Heym und Akah

Foundation of the company “Schmidt & Bender”

Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Bender founded the company Schmidt & Bender in Biebertal-Fellingshausen. At first, they worked with the most modest means in a laundry room but with a lot of passion and ingenuity. Highest precision and quality was not only a profession but also important for the precision mechanic Helmut Schmidt and the master precision mechanic Helmut Bender.
The founders of Schmidt & Bender


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