Goals, values and guidelines for corporate activities

In its day-to-day business, SCHMIDT & BENDER follows goals and values that were already established by the company's founders Helmut Schmidt & Helmut Bender. These include stability, profitable growth, responsibility towards employees as well as social commitment.
This also requires compliance with laws and regulations. To this end, SCHMIDT & BENDER has drawn up guidelines and directives to provide all employees and the management with a guide for responsible action. All employees in the company have received and continue to receive annual training on sustainability and sustainable thinking.

Schmidt & Bender SGDs

17 goals in total point the way to 2030 and demand corresponding contributions from companies, politics and society. SCHMIDT & BENDER has taken an in-depth look at the global sustainability goals.

Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy

The aim is also to improve the social and environmental impact of business activities, to understand sustainability as a value driver and to seize sustainability challenges as opportunities.

We focus on the following topics:

Climate protection

SCHMIDT & BENDER's target is to be CO₂-neutral by 2030. This includes the Company Carbon Footprint (CCF) and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). In 2022, SCHMIDT & BENDER determined the CCF and has been offsetting the volume of 270 tonnes of CO₂ annually since 2023 by participating in the reforestation of regional, storm-damaged forest areas. It is planned to equip the company building in Biebertal with a PV system and to convert the vehicle fleet to electric mobility as far as possible. The identification and compensation of the PCV are the goal for the coming years.

Resource conservation

SCHMIDT & BENDER strives to conserve resources by manufacturing durable products. We already provide a 20-year guarantee on the availability of materials, so that our customers can use and maintain our products for a long time.
Our new product packaging made of 100% paper / cardboard and the MyRifleScope card made of compostable bio-PVC also represent a step towards conserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment.

Added value for society

SCHMIDT & BENDER wants its products to provide clear added value for a more sustainable society.
This also includes supporting regional projects in hunting and relevant associations. We are a Studium-Plus (Studies with practical experience) partner of the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) and provide support there in the areas of education and research. We consistently demand confirmation from our suppliers that human rights are respected and diversity is promoted in their companies.

Our focus

Based on our revised quality policy, new focal points were formed. The main responsibility lies with the management.
The points in detail:

  • Sustainable energy supply and energy-efficient infrastructure

  • Sustainable product development

  • Sustainability in procurement and logistics

  • Strengthening social commitment

  • Approach to sustainable corporate management

    The basis for addressing the topics is the creation of acceptance for one's own actions and the assumption of responsibility for the environment, employees and society.

    Organisation and responsibility for sustainability

    SCHMIDT & BENDER is committed to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the United Nations in autumn 2015. The 17 goals in total point the way to 2030 and call for corresponding contributions from companies, politics and society.
    Responsibility for sustainability and sustainable action at SCHMIDT & BENDER lies with the management. It reviews and approves the sustainability report and ensures that all essential topics are addressed.
    Strategic and operational implementation is currently still carried out by quality management. Regular information and status reports are made available to SCHMIDT & BENDER's management and division heads.


    Environment DEUTIM Siegel Bronze Schmidt & Bender

    The protection of the environment and the conservation of its resources are corporate goals of Schmidt & Bender.

    The amount of CO2 that Schmidt & Bender produces annually at its site is supported by regional reforestation projects in forest areas in Germany. The CO2 storage of Schmidt & Bender is regularly re-evaluated. Currently, we support reforestation projects on storm-damaged slopes in forests near Fulda in Hesse.

    We permanently reduce plastic within products and packaging. The goal is to be able to recycle 100 % of products and packaging. We actively contribute to the costs of packaging waste, battery and waste equipment disposal (WEEE) in the states of the European Community.


    Quality Management
    Qualitätsmanagement TÜV Zertifikat Schmidt & Bender

    Schmidt & Bender is certified according to the current ISO 9001 by TÜV Rheinland. Compliance with customer-specific standards and quality plans additionally secure our quality management system.


    Employees and Suppliers
    Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung

    We are a responsible, regional employer and accept the associated social responsibility. This is done through open communication as well as active commitment to the region.

    Schmidt & Bender respects the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual. We work together with people of different nationalities, cultures and religions. We do not tolerate discrimination or exclusion on the basis of sexual preference or other grounds, or sexual or other personal harassment or insult. We are open and honest and stand by our responsibilities. These principles apply both to internal cooperation and to conduct toward external persons.

    The goal of our work is sustainable growth. As a company, we are not only interested in the results, but also in how these results are achieved.

    We expect our suppliers to act in a sustainable manner. We therefore require compliance with the criteria of our "Supplier Code of Conduct".

    Responsibility for society and the environment
    Schmidt & Bender Sustainability

    As a leading riflescope manufacturer and regional employer, Schmidt & Bender assumes the associated social responsibility. We support projects that contribute to solving ecological challenges. Integrity determines our actions. This is achieved through open communication as well as active commitment to the region and extends to our dealings with our customers, employees, suppliers, service providers and the public. Sincerity, honesty and fairness are the benchmarks for our dealings with each other.

    We want you to enjoy our products for a long time and have a lot of success with them. Already during the design process we make sure that the use of our riflescopes is possible across generations. Solid metal parts with clearly visible and permanently milled mechanical engravings and the use of high-quality optical components made of optical glass provide the basis for this. More than 80 % of all installed parts come from regional suppliers with less than 40 km travel distance. Our riflescope assembly is done by hand and is qualitatively checked by our employees in each of the process steps. Various product tests ensure the function for use in harsh environmental conditions. Also we check that neither our riflescopes, accessories and packaging will have any harmful effect on the user.



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