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Cover with GR²ID Reticle and Wide Landscape

It´s all about Speed and Precision: The making of the GR²ID reticle

It´s all about speed and precision when shooting Precision Rifle matches, and the reticle used for competition shooting is key to winning. Find out how the very subtle changes and details of the GR²ID reticle, sum up all the small parts which are essential to shave seconds off Precision Rifle stage times.

Lens Coating and Optical Design

It is all about Glass: Lens Coating and Optical Design

One of the reasons to purchase a Schmidt & Bender riflescope is because of its outstanding optical quality. This is often harder to recognize and it often takes an eye-opening experience to be able to distinguish between good and a poor image quality. The greatest disadvantage is you are negatively affected by poor image quality even if you are not consciously aware of it. Discover what should not remain a secret: the essentials of high quality Schmidt & Bender optics.

Schütze blickt durch Zielfernrohr

Find out the difference: MOA, MRAD/MIL and CM

Basically, the world is divided into two different measurement systems: the imperial and the metric. While the imperial system operates in inches and MOA, the metric system uses centimeters and MRAD. Which turret system is the best: MOA or MRAD? This is not easy to answer because it has a lot to do with what you are used to. And this is very individual and personal. However, from our experience the metric system has some significant advantages.

See all Cleaning Kit products in use

How to keep a clear view: Clean the riflescope properly

Clean lenses are essential to give you an outstanding viewing experience. With the right care, your riflescope can remain in a superb, performing condition for a long time. Your Schmidt & Bender riflescope is a high-quality optical instrument with high-grade optical lenses which requires regular maintenance. We would like to explain to you how to take care of your riflescope in the best way.


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