Grey and Yellow Filter Objective

Our grey filters are made from high-quality glass and can be screwed into place in front of the objective lens if required.

Color Black RAL 8000
Diameter (mm) 24 50 56 24 50 56
1-8x24 Exos X          
3-21x50 Exos   X        
2.5-10x50 Polar T96   X        
4-16x56 Polar T96     X      
2.5-10x56 Zenith     X      
3-12x50 Zentih   X        
2.5-10x56 Klassik     X      
3-12x50 Klassik   X        
4-16x50 Klassik   X        
8x56 Klassik     X      
1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC X     X    
PM II Ultra Short Series   X     X  
3-12x50 PM II   X        
5-25x56 PM II     X     X
12-50x56 PM II     X      
PM II High Power Series     X     X

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