Absehen P5FL





The new P5FL basically resembles the popular pattern of our well-known P4FL reticle which was initially designed for military snipers and has been well-proven around the globe. Refl ecting the ongoing technical evolution, the new P5FL represents a slight upgrade without forcing the operator to get used to a completely new reticle design.

The familiar illuminated red cross in First Focal Plane (FFP) keeps the known dimensions but now features a free-fl oating illuminated center dot which allows for a more precise shot placement. Therefore, it is perfect for competition shooters and modern hunters alike who prefer a clean reticle design which is reduced to the most important essentials without distracting features. Since being in FFP, the reticle and the image of the target are enlarged or reduced simultaneously as the magnification is changed. The relationship between target and reticle remains unchanged, regardless of the chosen magnification. Consequently, clearly marked and numbered hash marks are perfect for estimating distances and for quick bullet drop or side wind corrections.

The horizontal outer bars are skeletonized, making it possible to use the reticle to the very edge without covering up the target. Those who are already enjoying the P4FL reticle will find confidence in the new P5FL reticle.


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Absehen P5FL Absehen P5FL




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