New intuitive reticle GR²ID for practical precision rifle competition shooters

The new GR²ID reticle has been designed in collaboration with international Precision Rifle Competitors, where focus has been on providing as much information to the shooter as possible, while reducing perceived clutter to a minimum. Less to remember = Faster stage times.

The reticle features 4 distinct areas of design:

  • Base Reticle
  • Ballistic Grid
  • Hold Over/Under Grid
  • Illumination Tree

It’s design is a culmination of the balance of wide focus (awareness and clarity) and tight focus (detail and information).

The GR²ID reticle has a fine range estimation subtension crosshair with an independent 0.05 Mil Central Dot. This dot covers 5 mm at 100 m and has a 0.2 Mil gap on either side for measured wind hold off.

The whole GR²ID ballistic grid is designed to provide the required information to quickly determine elevation and windage (sharp focus), but yet still remain ‘light’, ‘uncluttered’ and easy to see ‘through’ (wide focus).

The Hold Over/Under Grid is a new addition to reticle design. This came about from a need of Practical Precision Rifle Competitors wanting to dial out the elevation and windage of a mid ranged target in order to then use the reticle to either hold over or under in engaging multiple targets in a stage. The result is: an extremely fast, and simple system. Less to dial, Less to remember = Faster stage times.

Practical Precision Rifle Matches take place during daylight hours, making illumination largely redundant. An opportunity arose to use differing colours (black/red) to separate information within the reticle to provide more feedback without further clutter.

The new GR²ID reticle will be available in our top seller 5-25x56 PM II in first focal plane and starts from 2.621,85 €.

Please send us a specimen copy or a corresponding link if you publish our press release or an article about the GR²ID reticle.


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